Saturday, April 30, 2016


From the ridiculous to the sublime---

Who says channel surfing doesn't stretch the muscles? Well, the mind muscles anyway.

Looking for a movie the other night I happened upon one titled  Cooties.

I heard that word used in various contexts over the years. Nothing good. I read the movie details and thought, "Yikes!"

Children at an elementary school are infected with cooties and become flesh-eating zombies.

I didn't watch the movie as I've outgrown zombie flicks. But I looked for a trailer:


As I said, "Yikes."

And sometimes there is nothing on. Or so it would seem.

By chance we started watching a movie titled Minuscule: Valley of Lost Ants
Cute story, the ants are animated, the setting is real, the plight of the ants is involving.
So involving we sat there and watched it till after three in the morning. Yes, we could've recorded it for later viewing, but sometimes you just need to see how the story ends. Now, instead of later. 

And now for a couple of poignant, lovely music videos.
I love the worldwide inclusion of this first one:

And this one written in 1971. Thirty-five years ago! Has anything changed since then?



Friday, April 15, 2016

Small silliness

Thought of the day-------

Dwarfs who didn't make the cut:

Slimy, Sleazy, Sloppy, Scuzzy, Screwy, Stinky and Dreck

– Cat  [bowing]