Sunday, June 24, 2012

Musical Interlude

Gary Moore -  Still got the Blues 
Great blues from 1990

Secret Garden - Moongate [2007]

Simply because ...


Friday, June 15, 2012

Another scam, another scare

The phone rang this morning. Call display showed it originated in Washington from a toll-free number.

I've had enough of those to know what to expect.

A lady with a thick South Asian accent told me Microsoft, who constantly monitors such things,  [Yeah...!?] has determined my computer was in imminent danger of being infected by a terrible virus. The infection would destroy everything on my computer, render it a useless shell. She, of course, was authorized to help me stop this from happening.

I told her I had an excellent program that would prevent any threat or virus from damaging my system. I felt well protected and didn't need help from the outside. Besides, how could she tell that I was infected?

She said she would show me if I press the Windows key on the bottom left of the keyboard and hold down the R key at the same time. I told her I was not going to do this, thank you anyway but I didn't need her help. Goodbye.

I found many referrals to this scam on the Internet. The Windows key+R opens the "run" line. It's presumed the caller spells out a certain executable program to type in, which gives them full control of your computer and all the information on it. One person noted he told the caller he had a Macintosh computer, thus no Windows key. This confused the caller who said she would have to get her supervisor to solve the problem.

If I had been more quick I could have told the lady I had the run line open, then typed out her instructions on to a text file and sent it all to Internet cops, whoever they are.

Or maybe Bill Gates should know what's going down.

Foolish me. I'm sure Mr. Gates already knows. I read somewhere that just holding down the Windows key gives him and his gang a window into your computer. [A window – get it?]

Is this paranoid, or what? I put it right up there with those people who think our TVs are all equipped with little cameras and microphones, and our phone lines are all  bugged.

Then again, how many of you have watched in wonder as a technician from the cable company takes control of your television set from their office in another city?

It has come to pass. Big Someone is watching you. Trust no one.

– Cat