Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hottest Day

July 29, 2009

Air conditioner alert!

We aren't used to temperatures this high.
We don't like temperatures this high.

There's something oh so quiet about a hot-hot day. You can almost see the flowers wilt. Birds make liberal use of the birdbath -- wish I had a picture for they truly frolic in the water like exuberant children.

Birds being birds, they always return to the feeders.

Cute birds aside, too many more days like this and I'm going to Antarctica. I hear Antarctica is melting. (sigh)

Okay. But it's still cold on Mars.

Mind you, once it's colonized by humans and they carry on as is their habit, Mars is bound to heat up.
Martial Warming?


Adding PS: the heat wave is over for now (for the summer, we hope.)
Mars will have to wait.