Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reality TV to the extreme

I was scrolling through the  guide on my television, just to see what was on.

Surprised that there was a show called America's Worst Cocks.

The show could have been about birds [it was after all on the food  network] but I didn't pause to check.

However, that did not stop me from wondering:
– what kind of selection process did the producers use?
– were there auditions?
– was this like a survivor show, where someone gets voted off the island each week?
– or, maybe it was like The Voice or Idol, where judges  choose the worst? What kind of talent would be involved here?

The title actually was America's Worst Cooks.

Really though, would anybody care who was the worst cook?  Can't imagine being the person to determine this – they'd have to taste awful meals. What fun is that?

I guess we can just file this under time to get your eyes checked.

– Cat