Thursday, October 30, 2014

The difference between men and women

Regarding that horrific explosion of the rocket that was to carry supplies to the International Space Station--

Me – What a tragedy.  Hard work and millions of dollars gone in one spectacular burst. 

Him –  Those poor astronauts, waiting for their food supplies. They're going to starve!


We discussed life in a space station.  Day-to-day stuff. Notably, how do they take care of basic necessities when everything is floating around.  For example, handling toilet business.

I could look this up on the Internet and learn exactly how it's handled. But it was more fun to speculate.

Our conversation was based on the theory that toilet waste is ejected from the space station. Turn a crank, push a button, press a lever somewhere and out it goes.

Me – As soon as it leaves the confined area it vaporizes. Proof!  Reduced to micro atoms that become one with the universe.

Him – No, no. Those pieces of poop are going to float around the galaxy forever. What people think are mini asteroids, are actually....

Men are so romantic.

Talk about leaving your poop print on the Milky Way.

And shouldn't that be – pieces of feces?



How about some space music: