Saturday, October 12, 2013

This and that

1.  Spider season

Seems like an invasion, sometimes. They're everywhere, they're everywhere!

A couple of years ago I wrote a little poem about spiders:

They Must Hate Us

They must hate us, the spiders,
and see us as monsters.
each morning their intricate night spun webs
shimmer in sunlight
and shiver in the faintest breath of wind
until demolished --
we take a broom to their masterpieces
we cringe with disgust when we feel
that light filament on our arms,
our necks, our faces
and grasp at it in a mad frenzy
the spiders bide their time as the monsters
complete their madcap dance
and spin their webs again

And who can really look with disgust at those jewel-like creations? Especially when they do is such a service by catching pesky insects.

2.  You can usually count on YouTube to be there when you need them the most.

The other day I watched The Bourne Identity on TV. For some mysterious reason my PVR did not record the last five minutes of the movie.

Sure, everything had been solved and Jason Bourne was safe. But did he reunite with the woman who helped him?

First chance I had, I googled "last five minutes of The Bourne Identity."

And there it was, on YouTube. Perfect.
And a perfect ending, as shown below.

[Now I'll have to watch the other shows in the series.]


3.  Seen while driving--

How many times does waiting for the green light bring a smile to your face?

We were driving down a busy road when stopped by yet another red light. In the turning lane ahead of us, a very yellow pickup truck sported a sign on the tailgate in big dark letters -– Tonka.

My husband and I looked at each other. When did Tonka [so well known for their toys] start making big trucks?

And then we "got" it. The truck owner painted the truck the exact shade of yellow so well known as belonging to those toy trucks, and transferred a big Tonka decal onto the tailgate.

Cute. Had to smile.

And to top it all off, the owner had a yellow rubber duck at the top of the aerial.

It was one of these – I have a picture of four because they're so darn cute.

Double cute. Double smiles.

Thank you, driver. Made our day.

4.  We were sitting around talking, husband, son and I. Topic of conversation – Roxie, son's Shih Tzu.

When they take her for a walk, they complain that every time they pay attention to or pet another dog, Roxy growls, sometimes barks. It's like at times they can't take her out in public.

Well what do you think, I said. Take me out, go chat up and pet another woman, I would for sure growl, and bark. I'd probably even take a bite out of someone.

Guys can be so dense sometimes.

Right Roxie?