Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the winner is. . .

New Zealand! 8-7 over France.

The same way I watched the beginning of the first game, I watched the end of the final game, and parts of many games in between.

While I still don't know all the rules, I was able to follow what was happening.

The last game was a nail biter – it could have gone either way.

Rugby is a tough sport, the toughest I've ever seen, definitely not a vanity sport. These rugged players from all over the world won my respect.

Well done, all the teams. Well done, New Zealand All Blacks!


Monday, October 03, 2011

In Memoriam -- K F Hartwell

Kevan F. Hartwell Dec. 21, 1920 - Oct. 3, 2001

I wrote this poem for the fifth anniversary of my father's death. I've revised it to reflect the tenth year. I sit at his desk, surrounded by his books and feel his spirit beside me.

In Memoriam

Ten years, Dad, since you’ve been gone.
And here’s a new October dawn.

Ten years passed like one moment in time, the blink of an eye,
a solemn whisper, a small sad sigh.

We miss your music, miss your voice, your wisdom and your cheer.
The world has changed since you’ve been gone, for you’re no longer here.

The space is dark and empty you once so brightly filled,
but we are not forsaken; you're here beside us still.

Your words still clearly echo, your hands, with love, still guide
As we reflect upon the past with tears, with smiles, with pride.

Ten years now since you’ve been gone,
And we, the living, must live on.


It is not length of life, but depth of life. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson